Monday, May 21, 2012

Engine code

Its hard to see it, but the model number of this engine is B6315215.

Google tells me this is a 1970 model with dual relief and single ports.

Which means I can, in theory, register this car as a 1970 model, and avoid smoging.  The trick here is to be one of the forst 500 people to request a SPCNS from the DMV at the beginning of the year, thus allowing you to later get the car examined and then registered based on the engine.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Got it!

Finally retrieved my treasure.  It wasn't easy and required three guys to laboriously move it into position just to get it onto the tow truck.  The wheels of course were locked, even after a liberal whacking with a sledgehammer.

Now the fun begins.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First look

I'm the lucky new owner of a Bremen Mark Mini kitcar!  I haven't gotten it over to my house yet, but I did snap a few pics from where it currently sits in my ex-neighbor's back yard.

Underneath all that dirt and crap (literally) is a cute little car.  

There's a lot of leaves and dirt even though it was covered with a tarp (which started falling apart when I pulled it off). 
Its a type 2 engine, with dual carbs.  A bit different looking than the other Mark Mini's I've seen on the internet.  Its a bit rusty in parts but overall it doesnt look that bad.

I forgot to check for the engine model numbers to see what year it actually is.  The pink slip says its registered as a '79 but I'm wondering if this engine is actually older (I hope it is).  Would be nice if I could prove its a '76 or older so I can avoid smog check.

From what I understand, VW's in 79 had fuel injection, which this clearly does not have, and the chassis is not a super beetle (no struts on the front suspension).