Friday, August 29, 2014

Its been a while since I acquired this car, and I've done little to it so far.  I had the rotting tires removed from the rims, and then I moved the car into my garage.  Me and my son spent a little time just disassembling a few things like the carb filters and the rotting spark plug wires etc.  He is eager to get to some real work on this car though (he's only 6.5 years old now!).

Thats going to change soon.  We recently had a garage sale and made more room in the garage.  As we are still on a pretty tight budget, I am thinking about things I can do that don't require much money.  An engine rebuild right now is probably out, but, we can start to work on the chassis.  There's much rust!  Also the interior is pretty shot, including a floor pan on the passenger side that is pretty much rusted away.

So I'm thinking, the first step will be to get the car up on some jack stands and/or wood/bricks so we can get under it easily.  It would be nice to remove the body and raise that up high enough to work on all of the chassis, but I'm not sure how necessary or easy that will be.  If I do this, I will probably fashion some wood saw-horses to support the body, and then drop the chassis back down.  Maybe I can avoid a full engine rebuild and work on it while the body is off?

The floor pan appears to be the worst rust area.  It needs to be removed and replaced.  The rest, I think, just needs to be gone over with wire brushes and such to remove any rust flakes and then painted with Por 15.

Let the fun begin.