Monday, May 21, 2012

Engine code

Its hard to see it, but the model number of this engine is B6315215.

Google tells me this is a 1970 model with dual relief and single ports.

Which means I can, in theory, register this car as a 1970 model, and avoid smoging.  The trick here is to be one of the forst 500 people to request a SPCNS from the DMV at the beginning of the year, thus allowing you to later get the car examined and then registered based on the engine.


  1. By the engine code you have a August 69 to July 70 engine 1600 cc 57 Hp motor

  2. I can only assume the chassis is also a 70. My neighbor tells me there is a serial number on the chassis behind the stick, but I think the body covers this. At least, I havent had the time to figure out if there's any easy way to see it..

  3. I have a blog going on the Mini Mark as well,